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The Mindfulness Transformation
for School Based 

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Imagine your work with more meaning and joy! 



As a school-based therapist, you have dedicated so much to serving your students –

Learning the latest techniques.

 Running from session to session so everyone gets seen. 

 Building skills to support educational goals. 

Educating teachers, families, and support personnel.

All of that’s stressful in itself…


Then add on, not feeling completely effective. 

You feel boxed in and question whether your work is really making a difference. 

On the playground, in the home, in the community. For the future. 

Getting a little more honest, serving the high needs of your caseload is not only stressful — but it’s also stolen the joy from your job and you sometimes feel like you are just going through the motions

You push feelings of burnout aside and stick to what you already know. 



You want to focus on things that really matter like social skills, executive functioning, and mental health.

And most importantly, you want to be more fully present for each and every session. Every child deserve the best version of you


You don’t want to make your work more complex than it already is. 

In fact, you have such a short window of time with each student. How do you make the most of those minutes while still working towards their specific IEP goals? 

Could a single tool help you and help your students to regulate and thrive ?


Interested? Then it’s time for you to discover how mindfulness can revolutionize your daily experience as a school-based therapist. 

The Mindfulness Transformation for School Based Therapists


The Mindfulness Transformation for School Based Therapists


When You Enroll In The Mindfulness Transformation

It all starts with YOU! You will learn mindfulness practices to be a more grounded, effective, and joyful therapist.


Not to mention...

  • You will get access to a curated list of practical mindfulness activities you’ll be able to implement right away in your therapy.

  • You’ll be better prepared to address social, behavioral, and executive functioning concerns across a wide range of abilities and communication.

  • You’ll know how to adapt mindfulness strategies for everyone on your caseload

  • You’ll have an easy-to-implement treatment strategy in your back pocket without lengthy preparation and training 

  • You’ll increase your enjoyment as you see the difference and long-term benefit of mindfulness skills inside and outside the classroom. 


The Best Part- These mindfulness techniques only take a few minutes within your session!

Here’s How it Works:

Over three modules, you will not only learn the research and basics of mindfulness, but you’ll also learn specific and practical activities to weave mindfulness into the day for yourself and your students.

In this course, you’ll get ...

Module 1

Mindfulness Basics

These are need-to-know nuggets of information so you’ll feel fully prepared to effectively use mindfulness for yourself and your students. We cover the research in a way that makes you excited and confident to use mindfulness in your everyday work. 

Module 2

Mindfulness Anchors

When it comes to mindfulness, understanding and using anchors are foundational concepts. We explore a variety of anchors using body scanning, breath, and sensory experiences. We take the guesswork out of implementation in school-based practice by sharing specific anchors for promoting focus, calm, or alertness. 


Module 3

Mindful Connections

What we do, how we speak to ourselves and others is a big part of the power of mindfulness. In this module, we cover mindful communication and connection while highlighting self-compassion, the power of the pause, and how to use mindfulness in relationships with others. 

Here’s your must-have practical materials:

  • 3 Videos to walk therapists through their own mindfulness practices

  • Experiential videos showing activities for students so you see exactly how this is done:

    • Mindfulness to Calm

    • Mindfulness to Energize

    • Mindfulness to Connect

  • Curated and ready-to-print visuals 

  • Go-to Cheat Sheets 

    • Mindfulness Activities Broken Down by Arousal States 

    • Mindfulness and Connection Demystified

  • Tried and True Mindfulness Accommodations for Diverse Learners

  • New Bonus Materials:

    • Video Lesson- Yoga Sequence to Use in the Classroom​

    • Video Lesson- Mindful Connections in Autism


Your Investment: Only $179


Oh! And I didn’t even mention yet, this course qualifies for AOTA approved continuing education credits! 


That’s right, you take care of yourself, improve life for your students, and take care of continuing education for one low cost. 

You might be thinking… “How can it be that simple? How can you change so much with a 5-minute mindfulness practice?”


Research shows that even short moments of mindfulness can make a difference if practiced consistently. We have the opportunity to model for children an effective, life-long method for nervous system regulation and our mindful presence creates a safe container for children to develop and grow. 

Who Will Get The Most from The Mindfulness Transformation?

This course is specifically designed for school-based therapists like OTs, SLPs, PTs and counselors. The activities most easily transfer to the school setting. 


However, the mindfulness concepts themselves will help any therapist or teacher to be more effective in their work and daily life. So know, if you’re interested in mindfulness, you’re welcome here! 


I invite you to join The Mindfulness Transformation if..

➤You want to easily incorporate mindfulness strategies into your daily routine to enjoy your work and better serve your students. 


➤You’re ready for sessions with your students to be more effective just by incorporating a few minutes of mindfulness. 


➤You’ve been interested in mindfulness practices but can’t quite figure out how to incorporate it into your work. 


➤You want to experience the joy of seeing students using mindfulness strategies in their daily lives and get outcomes like better executive functioning, social skills, emotional regulation, and mental health. 

The course isn’t right for you if:

➤You’re not open to trying mindfulness practices for yourself.

➤You don’t believe therapists should address mental health, behavior or social concerns in schools.



FAQs about The Mindful Transformation for School Therapists

Does this course count towards CEUs?

YES! These are going to be the best CEU units you get all year. All you need to do is complete the modules and take and pass course quizzes (75% accuracy) and complete the post-course survey. Once you complete these simple steps, you’ll receive a certificate for AOTA approved .37 CEUS (3.7 hours of content).  


When does the course start?

This is a self-paced online course. Once registered you will have immediate access to all the materials. 


What level is this course?


This is an introductory level course.


Expected learning outcomes: 

1. Describe 3 ways that mindfulness practices can enhance therapy within schools.

2. Identify states of arousal and ways to change arousal states to meet therapeutic needs in the moment.

3. Demonstrate understanding of the three states of the autonomic nervous system in Polyvagal Theory.

4. Will be able to define mindfulness including stating the part of the brain most closely associated with mindfulness practices

5. Describe mindfulness anchors and identify 3 anchors that can be used in a therapeutic practice.

6. Explain the benefits of self compassion and identify one simple way to bring to therapeutic work with children.

7. Identify 3 ways to adapt mindfulness practices for diverse learners


Participants with disabilities can contact to discuss their need for accommodations and course materials will be adapted to support learners in compliance with the American with Disabilities Act.

Complaints and Suggestions

Feedback is welcome at any time. Contact

Cancellation Policy

A full refund will be provided within 45 days of purchase if no more than 1 module is completed in the self paced course. A full refund will be provided if the instructor cancels the course.


Michelle- Therapist

Wonderful Experience-Thank you for making the information so digestable and easy to apply

Kristen -Therapist

I just completed the Mindfulness Transformation for School Based Therapists. I appreciate the foundational knowledge.. Deirdre picked out strong yet deceptively simple mindfulness ideas. I also learned that it is time to develop my own mindfulness practice. I liked how my body felt....

Mary- Therapist

This course was well organized, evidence based and fun... I am grateful to have added so many useful and meaningful tools to my OT toolbox and for the practices to develop myself into a more mindful therapist

More About Me:

I’m Deirdre and I have no doubt… 

Mindfulness will change your life and change the life of the students you work with. 

I know in the midst of all the stress that comes from working in the schools, you can carve out sacred space for yourself and for your students. In doing so, you’ll bring the gifts of presence, joy, and ease to your work. 

In my 30 years of working as a school-based OT, mindfulness has been my greatest teacher. My journey started with incorporating yoga into my life and work over 10 years ago. This work has helped me cultivate relationships with my students based on trust, respect, and mutual exploration.

And believe me, when it comes to trainings, I’ve done them all. But keeping things simple, and focusing on mindfulness is what I return to again and again (even with my high support needs students). Sharing this course with you is the extension of my mission to create more compassionate and equitable schools.

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The Mindfulness Transformation AOTA tag.jpg

Financical Disclosure: Deirdre Azzopardi is the creator of the course. She receives compensation for delivering the course

So I invite you:

Transform yourself, transform your work, transform your students with these easy-to-implement mindfulness practices. 

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