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Calling all School Professionals who Want to Make a Difference

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Are you an occupational therapist who feels that working in the school system feels overwhelming and limiting at the same time?  

Do you put so much energy into getting through each day, but don’t feel that your efforts are contributing to your school district in a meaningful way?


The internet provides us with so much information, but without a clear roadmap your work may feel disjointed. School systems employ twenty percent of all occupational therapists. There is an army of us out there, but I know many of us feel burned out and stuck because we don’t have support and guidance. I know exactly how that feels and have worked hard to create a career that is meaningful, aligned with my values and fun. I am passionate about helping other OT’s to do the same. 


I am an occupational therapist who has refused to be put in the fine motor box. I don’t want to be known as a handwriting teacher. I want to really contribute to children’s well-being within school and I know there are many other therapists out there, like me, who want MORE! More connection! More purpose! More freedom to use what they learned in school to help children in a much more holistic way. Please reach out and set up a free 30 minute call to discover if mentorship is right for you. 

Free Discovery Call

Lets talk about how I can support you in your journey to being a more 

joyful and purposeful therapist

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