Professional Development

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Deirdre has lectured extensively on incorporating social emotional learning (SEL) into therapeutic practices and into the classroom. Workshops have been offered on the following topics:


  1.  Incorporating mindfulness and movement into the classroom at multiple school districts for all educational staff including administrators

  2. Building Effective Groups at the Therapies in the Schools Conference

  3.  Family mindfulness to parents of children with special needs

  4. Guest lecturing to occupational therapy students in multiple colleges on the benefits of social emotional learning in pediatric therapy

  5. The role of related service providers in supporting inclusion efforts in schools. 



Social Emotional Learning in Action
Create Joy by Incorporating SEL into your School Based Practice 


In this masterclass, school based occupational therapists will be given the tools to add SEL or social emotional learning to their work. In the busy school environment, therapists can sometimes feel that they are isolated and perhaps their work is not as impactful as they would like it to be. Social emotional skills such as self management, relationship skills, social awareness, resilience and problem solving are necessary elements for children to thrive. Occupational therapists have the training necessary to foster children's social emotional growth but perhaps feel overwhelmed and are not sure how their skill set can be best utilized. This masterclass will introduce therapists to simple ways to add social emotional learning (SEL) into their school based practice that does not require more time but rather a change in focus. This masterclass is only $27.00 and includes a workbook that highlights ideas discussed in the video.