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Professional Development

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Deirdre has lectured extensively on joyfully incorporating social emotional learning (SEL) into the classroom. These are just some of the workshops completed in the past:


  1. Incorporating mindfulness and movement into the classroom at multiple school districts for all educational staff including administrators

  2. Building Effective Groups at the Therapies in the Schools Conference

  3. Family mindfulness to parents of children with special needs

  4. Guest lecturing to occupational therapy students in multiple colleges on the benefits of social emotional learning within special education.

  5. The role of related service providers in supporting inclusion efforts in schools.

  6. Mindful Communication between Parents and School District




Ready to Lead Professional Development 
on the Following Topics
(Half or Full Day- In 
Person or Live Online)
(topics adjusted to the needs of the stakeholders)

Social Emotional Learning: Teaching With the Body in Mind

Self-Regulation for Ourselves and for our Students

Compassionate Special Education

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