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The Mindful Therapy Tribe
A Group for Those Who want to Serve with Spirit

A group coaching program for heart-led therapists who want to make a difference in schools. In this group you will learn life changing mindfulness and movement tools to bring into your life and to thrive at work. We will ask life’s bigger questions and learn how to honor our intuition and listen to our hearts while using the latest science backed methods to help our students to grow and develop. You will learn how to craft a career in the schools that aligns with your values and helps you to live with joy. Work will become more easeful and fun while still meeting your daily demands. You will emerge from this group more confident and clear so you can own your unique gifts as your live out your purpose 

When I began my journey with yoga and mindfulness I could see so much of my life with more clarity, I started to feel in my body when my old tired school practices no longer aligned with my spirit. Then came the neurodiversity movement. If you are paying attention then you have no choice but to shift your ways of being in the schools. How can you serve the disability community unless you actually listen to their calls for change? 


Old paradigms of “fixing kids”, behavioral control, and working within your own silo simply do not work. The medical model with caseloads and therapy in segregated spaces does not help children thrive in their school occupations. Instead you can support children within their natural environments to live the life that they are meant to live while at the same time living your own best life!


I know that this can seem so far off and you are overwhelmed already. You have no time as it is and are bogged down with paperwork and so many responsibilities that you don’t have a minute to consider how you can be the changemaker that you know in your heart you were meant to be. What if I told you that you can do this by shifting your focus and not by increasing your time commitment. You can do all of this while feeling more purposeful and happier at work. It is possible with some guidance.


After 30 years of mentoring and teaching other therapists and teachers, I know how to help therapists to show up as their best selves at work. I know the obstacles and am confident in my methods of lovingly guiding therapists past their self imposed blocks that have them playing small. Therapists can be such a force for change in schools but they have to own their power and follow their hearts. Through self awareness activities, group support, individualized plans, and mindfulness practices you will emerge from this group a confident, clear therapist who is ready to live out their unique purpose in the schools. 


In this 12 week program you will learn about how to incorporate mindfulness and movement into your own life. We cannot serve from an empty well so we will create practices that make us feel more whole and centered right from the start. We will meet every other week. Each session will have a unique theme and in between sessions there will be gentle mindfulness "homework."


Themes in Group Coaching Sessions

Time and Intention

How can we shift the conversation so that we use time more skillfully and reduce our stress load while still meeting the demands of work and home?  We will work on cultivating a sense of ease so that we will feel full instead of frantic and busy. 

Emotional Regulation

We want to feel good about how we show up for children. The neuroscience over the last ten years is aligned with a mind body approach to emotional regulation. We will learn how to do this for ourselves as well as how to teach children. This includes more mindful ways to deal with challenging behaviors.

Your Unique Fingerprint

Finding your mission and working from spirit. Through mindful awareness practices we will explore what it is that lights you up in your work. When we joyfully bring ourselves to our work we invite children to be their best selves too. 

Habit Creation

As school therapists we have been trained in creating short term goals for our students. These are important but even more impactful is helping children to create habits and rituals they can use throughout their lives. While we do this for the children we also can create these habits for ourselves. We can even create small rituals to make work a more inviting place to come to everyday.

Relationships at Work

Relationships with ourselves, our students, our colleagues and families. Forming partnerships and having tough conversations with grace. All of education is truly based on relationships. Are you making relationships your top priority? How can we deal artfully with conflict with our colleagues and supervisors? These are the questions we will be exploring. 

The Neurodiversity Movement 

We will be working on creating a path to be allies and advocates for our students. This starts with a look within to see our internalized ableism and blocks to compassion. Students with disabilities are constantly being sent messages that they are “less than” Our final time together will be to find ways to turn that tide around to help create a better world for our students

When you enroll in the Mindful Therapy Tribe:

You will not only be part of the 6 life enhancing group coaching sessions (valued at $600) you will also receive the following bonuses: 


  1. Access to the Mindful Sensations Therapeutic Approach Course - The Mindful Sensation’s curriculum was created to enable therapists to explore and apply mindfulness using sensory based tools in order to bolster their pediatric practice. The lessons in this course are organized so therapists joyfully work alongside their clients. Learning how to ground yourself in the body and becoming more resilient to life’s stressors will open your heart and guide you to becoming a more centered and effective therapist. This course is AOTA approved for 8.5 hours or .85 CEUs.  (valued at $297) 

  2. A one to one session to zone in on your particular needs as a school based therapist. I want to support you to create the career of your dreams so that you can serve with joy and vitality (valued at $200) 

  3. Masterclass on Intention setting ($50 value) 

  4. Access to recordings from the coaching group lessons. Professional groups count towards the continuing education required through NBCOT so you can literally get all of your CEUs for the year through the completion of the Mindful Sensations course and participation in the Mindful Therapy Tribe. 

  5. Tons of PDFs- Ready made templates to go along with lessons, lesson plans to bring to school, visual supports for students, and scripts for having tough conversations and much more..  (Valued at $200) 

  6. Private Facebook group

All of this is valued at over $1000 but right now you can be part of this exciting group for only 4 payments of $188.00. if you pay in full it is an even bigger reduction at $697.00

(special pricing for those who have already completed the Mindful Sensations Therapeutic Approach- Contact me for specialty pricing or payment plan) 



Groups will begin in January 2023. Don’t delay. 


Refund Policy


A full refund will be provided if after the first coaching call you are not completely satisfied and/ or you have not completed more than two modules of the Mindful Sensations Therapeutic Approach course. 

"Tell me, what is it you plan to do.
With your one wild and precious life?"

Mary Oliver

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