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Burnout Prevention Program for School Based Professionals

As professionals we dedicate our lives to helping others and making a positive impact on our students. However, stress in schools can take a toll on our own well-being, leading us to stray from our purpose towards disillusionment and exhaustion. 

Burnout can be insidious, sneaking up on us and stealing our joy, but this is not an inevitably. Through simple practices we can change the tide of negativity and enjoy our time at work. In this new, year -long group program we will lift each other up, serve with passion, and keep joy alive. 


Program Details


Monthly Meeting

There will be 9 live sessions over the course of the school year. Each session is on a Tuesday evening at 7:00pm EST and will run for 90 minutes. There will be a recording for all those that can’t make it live.


( For OT specifically (all school professional welcome to join) - for NBCOT this can be considered this a “study” group. If you participate in the 9 sessions then you would get 6.75 units for the year (you need 36 units for every three years to keep you NBCOT designation- many state licenses also have CEU requirements)



Each participant will get a link to a very short online survey after each monthly session to mark progress. This will serve to keep us accountable towards our goals and intentions.


Weekly Support

In between sessions you will get a once weekly email to remind you of the simple practices that we discussed in the live sessions with links to research and inspiration to keep us moving forward. 

Monthly Topics 



Recognizing burnout (knowing the signs), focus on physical energy, simple practices to do IN SCHOOL, Setting our personal and group intention for the upcoming school year and creating goals



Relationships with colleagues, our students, families and administrators. How can we deal with conflict more skillfully, compassion practices, research on Polyvagel theory and our collective impact on vulnerable children



How we can use neuroscience backed tools to improve our focus and executive function while we help our students with their most difficult tasks. Creating positive habits that make the practices run on autopilot



Advocating for change with grace- What can we control and what we can’t. Helping to craft our concerns in a way that does not rob us of our joy



Wrapping up our school year- Reflect on the year, make changes to goals, look at progress and look ahead to craft our career trajectory including our continuing education plan going forward



Research based stress management strategies, creating boundaries that make sense, and ways to SIMPLIFY our school based practices. 



How do we cultivate presence, gratitude, and confidence in our daily lives both in work and with our loved ones



Crafting a career rather than getting through a job- What is the legacy we would like to leave, if any? Also dealing with boredom- How can we spice up our work as we enter the last third of the school year



How do we bounce back when we are faced with adversity- How do we deal with our student’s behavioral challenges- How do we model emotional regulation

Important Information

Throughout this journey I will be introducing many movement and mindfulness practices that you can do for yourself and you can bring to children. The research is clear on burnout and mindfulness. When school professionals engage and commit to mindfulness programs their happiness levels go up and burnout diminishes. 


This group will be coming up again for the 24-25 school year. Stay tuned for details in early July!!! 

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